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Our Mission


Global Services

Providing the best products, services and solution through our extensive supplier and global network.


Customer Satisfaction

Introducing the latest in technology, systems and services to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.


Value Creation

Work with our customers to be value adding to their industry.

Our Vision

Strengthen core businesses to help our customers manufacture additional products of excellence

  • Strengthen core businesses (sales representative business, engineering business, global SCM solutions business)
  • Promote collaboration with business partners to strengthen solution proposals

Expand global business to support market needs

  • Hire overseas onsite personnel and strengthen organizational capabilities
  • Investigate opportunities for establishment of new bases

Enter new business fields and accelerate sustainable growth

  • Strengthen investment in new business creation
  • Introduce “intrapreneur” (internal entrepreneur) measures to foster management personnel
  • Create new value through the “commutation” (improving efficiency) of SCM

Initiatives to promote realization of a sustainable society

  • Promote a motivating corporate culture that enhances employee engagement
  • Implement “productivity enhancing” work style reforms through ICT utilization
  • Initiatives to contribute to SDGs
  • Fulfill corporate social responsibility (promotion of CSR and compliance)
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